Benchmarking and Competitive Analysis are fundamental ingredients in successful product development.

Optimal provides methodologies for measuring and monitoring key performance characteristics of our customers and relevant competitors’ products and product components.

Our system includes a comprehensive review of design constraints to get optimal results from our measurement and scanning processes. We offer a unique blend of advanced technologies and measurement expertise that provide you with cost effective, rapid solutions.

We can even provide you complete product teardown to a final build book referenced to cataloged parts and more.

Reverse Engineering

Optimal can provide simple to full engineering services,from scanning to CAE model development, to material evaluation and CAD creation, depending on what you need.

Vehicle Teardown & 3D Scan


Reverse Engineering Services offered by Optimal include:
  • Rapid machining & prototyping
  • Create a CAD model from and old design or part
  • Reconstruction from 3D scanning data, probing, 2D drawings, sketches, etc.
  • Design a new part to fit to a legacy part
  • Surface reconstruction
  • Create benchmarking data and compare designs, even competitor designs
  • Bill of Materials
  • Bill of Process Assembly
  • Perform parametric 3D modeling in generic and native formats
  • Tool development, or optimizing the manufacturing process
  • Full vehicle tear-down and CAD reconstruction
  • Full vehicle tear-down and Finite Element model reconstruction


Seating Packages

What’s in it? What does it look like?

We offer a wide range of benchmarking opportunities, including Mechanical and Occupant Packaging.  Seating Packages with drawings fully dimension-ed according to SAE Standards using CAVA Manikins can be created. 

If multiple vehicles are scanned we can also create Comparison Drawings, highlighting different areas of design by setting up the drawings to common ground lines, common Seating Reference Points, etc. 

We can also create Dimensional Analysis Comparison Charts in Excel to compare any required dimensions.  We offer many types of benchmarking packages which can be customized to meet any and all of your Occupant and/or Mechanical Packaging needs and requirements